Grundman's Ultimate Sound Collection

If the limited set of sounds included with AngbandTk leaves you hungering for more, then this collection of over 200 sound files may be just want you want!

Important Legal Notice
Many of the sounds provided here are copyrighted material and may not be redistributed or used commercially in any way. The sounds are for your personal use only.

Step 1: Download the sounds

You can get as many of these sounds as you want. You do not need to download all of them. There are over 16 MB (expanded) of sounds in total. Put the sounds into a new directory called OmnibandTk\lib\grund.
sounds1.ZIP (2.54 MB)
sounds2.ZIP (2.55 MB)
sounds3.ZIP (2.04 MB)
sounds4.ZIP (2.59 MB)

Step 2: Download the sound assignments file

The sound assignments file tells AngbandTk when to play the sounds. You can customize this file using the Sound Window and the Assign Window. Download the sound assignments file for your game, and extract it into the OmnibandTk\variant\AngbandTk\tk\config directory for your variant.

Step 3: Add the configuration

Open the Sound Window and choose "Add Configuration..." from the menu. Click the Browse button and select grund.snd.

Step 4: Set the sound options

There are two options in the Options Window which affect how often background sounds and monster sounds are played. These options are under the Other page. And don't forget to turn on the sounds by choosing the "Use Sound" command from a menu in the Main Window or the Sound Window.

August 5, 2001