Ubuntu Core 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) Daily Build

Ubuntu Core 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) Daily Build

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Preinstalled core image

The preinstalled-core filesystem archive allows you to unpack a preinstalled version of Ubuntu Core onto a target device.

There are three images available, each for a different type of computer:

64-bit PC (AMD64) preinstalled core image
Choose this to take full advantage of computers based on the AMD64 or EM64T architecture (e.g., Athlon64, Opteron, EM64T Xeon, Core 2). If you have a non-64-bit processor made by AMD, or if you need full support for 32-bit code, use the i386 images instead. Choose this if you are at all unsure.
32-bit PC (i386) preinstalled core image
For almost all PCs. This includes most machines with Intel/AMD/etc type processors and almost all computers that run Microsoft Windows, as well as newer Apple Macintosh systems based on Intel processors.
ARM EABI (Hard-Float) preinstalled core image
For ARMv7 processors and above (Hard-Float).

For ARM hardware for which we do not ship preinstalled images, see ARM/Server/Install for detailed installation information.

A full list of available files can be found below.

[ICO]NameLast modifiedSize

[PARENTDIR]Parent Directory  -
[ARC]vivid-preinstalled-core-amd64.azure.device.tar.gz2017-09-19 19:06 146M
[ARC]vivid-preinstalled-core-amd64.device.tar.gz2017-09-19 19:06 146M
[   ]vivid-preinstalled-core-amd64.manifest2017-09-19 19:06 9.3K
[ARC]vivid-preinstalled-core-amd64.plano.device.tar.gz2017-09-19 19:06 146M
[ARC]vivid-preinstalled-core-amd64.tar.gz2017-09-19 19:06 83M
[ARC]vivid-preinstalled-core-i386.device.tar.gz2017-09-19 19:13 136M
[   ]vivid-preinstalled-core-i386.manifest2017-09-19 19:13 8.9K
[ARC]vivid-preinstalled-core-i386.tar.gz2017-09-19 19:13 78M
[ARC]vivid-preinstalled-core-armhf.device.tar.gz2017-09-19 19:41 140M
[   ]vivid-preinstalled-core-armhf.manifest2017-09-19 19:41 8.8K
[ARC]vivid-preinstalled-core-armhf.raspi2.device.tar.gz2017-09-19 19:41 99M
[ARC]vivid-preinstalled-core-armhf.tar.gz2017-09-19 19:41 60M
[P2P]vivid-preinstalled-core-amd64.tar.gz.zsync2017-09-19 19:42 289K
[P2P]vivid-preinstalled-core-armhf.tar.gz.zsync2017-09-19 19:42 210K
[P2P]vivid-preinstalled-core-i386.tar.gz.zsync2017-09-19 19:42 274K
[SUM]SHA256SUMS2017-09-19 19:42 1.0K
[PGP]SHA256SUMS.gpg2017-09-19 19:42 916
[SUM]MD5SUMS2017-09-19 19:42 698
[PGP]MD5SUMS.gpg2017-09-19 19:42 916
[SUM]SHA1SUMS2017-09-19 19:42 770
[PGP]SHA1SUMS.gpg2017-09-19 19:42 916
[HTM]FOOTER.html2017-09-19 19:42 27

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