8.7.1 release - why?

Last updated: 17th January 2017

Installer CD/DVD images

There was a cosmetic problems with the 8.7.0 build of the Debian CD/DVD images, found after they were released. Debugging code was mistakenly left enabled in the build, causing the Volume IDs (labels) of those images to show up as "HACK <disc number>" rather than the usual "Debian <version> <arch> <disc number>".

This was only a cosmetic problem, but nevertheless we decided to fix the config and rebuild the images - hence 8.7.1. Any users who may have downloaded 8.7.0 images already can safely continue to use them - there are no other differences between these two sets.

Live images

There was an entirely unrelated issue found with the 8.7.0 live images - some of the builds of the live desktop variants silently failed due to a latent bug in the live build code. This was also not found until after the release.

Again, the existing 8.7.0 images that were created were fine but for the sake of consistency it was decided to do a full rebuild as 8.7.1 once the bugs were fixed.

Who are we?

debian-cd is a small team of people working on creating, testing and distributing Debian CD images for you. For more information about the team and how it all works, see the Debian wiki page about us.
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