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PuTTY is maintained by a small team based in Cambridge, England. Between us, we handle writing PuTTY, updating its Web site, recording its bugs, and reading (and often responding to) messages to the PuTTY contact e-mail address. We are:

Simon Tatham
Project originator, main developer and benevolent dictator. Wrote the majority of the code; does the majority of new development and features. Also maintains Halibut, the documentation system used to produce the Windows Help file and the HTML manual.
Alexandra Lanes
Looks after the nightly snapshot builds, answers mail. Provider of common sense. Programmer, cardboard and sometimes real.
Ben Harris
Ben did a lot of the early work on the (still unfinished) Macintosh port and is reputed to understand ISO 2022. He's also the maintainer of an enormous concordance of escape sequences and of NetBSD/acorn26.
Jacob Nevins
Answers mail, herds wishlist, occasionally writes code.

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